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Steriletto®: the first ozone sanitizer made exclusively for the deep and intensive sanitization of mattresses, pillows and bedspreads. Steriletto® is the ideal solution for hospitals and hospitals, which need to sanitize the bed system on a daily basis. The use of this revolutionary device, which can be used in the presence of operators, guarantees in just 10 minutes of treatment, the safety and efficacy of deep sanitization and a decisive reduction of 98% of the bacterial and viral load present in the bed system. including the eradication of mites, parasites and any bad background odors.
While Steriletto® is in operation, all the ordinary rearrangement operations of the chamber can be carried out at the same time.
Thanks to Steriletto®, your guests will be able to rest safely, in a bed that will be as good as new every time.

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Steriletto è composto da un generatore professionale supportato da un software programmato e preimpostato, che consente la produzione costante di 3 gr./h di ozono. Il gas prodotto, viene insufflato attraverso un tubicino in silicone, collegato ad un materassino in
PVC medicale microforato nella parte inferiore, in grado di distribuire l’ozono uniformemente ed in profondità sulle superfici da trattare.
La speciale copertura mantiene l’ozono confinato nell’area trattata, contenendone al massimo le dispersioni in ambiente.



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